What our clients say about us and our work 

Natasha Limonova

Wedding Day

Thank you Katie for your work. Relatives really liked the photos, they turned out as natural as I wanted. It was easy to work with you, you are very kind and you know how to present your clients. Thank you!!!!

Andrew Dvorowkin

Wedding Day

Kate, hello) we just got to the pictures)) we liked it so much)) thank you very much) we looked right now and it’s just like we returned that day)

Irina Chernutskaya

Wedding Day

Kate, thank you very much again for the photos ... today I looked at them 4 times and already sent a couple to my parents to tease them)) So my mother called the next day and said that she had been looking at our photos all night. ..says she doesn’t even know which ones and where she likes more ... she called them “masterpieces”, you are a sorceress! The photos are very beautiful!

Angelina & Nikita

Wedding Day

Mike thank you so much for the amazing video!!! To be honest, at first we didn’t want a videographer for the wedding, but when we came to a meeting with photographer Kate (our amazing photographer and Mike’s wife) and she showed us Mike’s work, we immediately decided that we definitely should have a videographer and it definitely should be Mike. A lighter man and an eternal smile man who helped us relax and stop being afraid of the camera. Maybe that’s why we didn’t want a video for the wedding, because we were afraid that it will be hard for us, because we’re not movie stars. But everything was different with Misha, we just went for walks and talked and only sometimes Misha said, “oh, now you can take a cool shot.” ​​After the walk, I was even a little worried that we hadn’t shot enough and that the video wouldn’t be very good, but what was my surprise when I saw the final result, I just didn’t have words, it’s was so cool, I didn’t even believe that it was us. Mike thank you very much, you are super, I advise everyone now only you.

Dasha Gurenko

Wedding Day

Thanks to the Zatonsky family for the huge and really good works on our events! Video, photo: everything is just a masterpiece, and the book is generally fire! We are happy! You are just a talent! Thank you, thank you, thank you

Valeria Filosova

Wedding Day

Mike created a wedding video for us in Vietnam! He is a true master of his craft and a very pleasant person to deal with. During the shooting, we made excellent contact, listened to his recommendations, so everything went easily and naturally! As a result, we got a lot of positive emotions from the shooting and a wonderful video for a long memory! Mike, thanks a lot!

Galina Belova

Wedding Day

I had no imagine that I would look at my wedding photos so often!!! I really like it, it's divine! Thank you very much!!!

Kate Gurova

Wedding Day

After watching most of Mike's videos and getting to know him personally, my husband and I realized that we were not mistaken in choosing a videographer. It was easy and interesting to discuss all our ideas with him, it was clear that for Mike it was not just a job, but a whole creative process, he immediately suggested how and what to do better, while taking into account all our ideas and emotions. So thanks to his professionalism, we brought our idea to life and got a cool wedding video! Many thanks to Mike, for his work and great result!!!

Alena Veligura

Wedding Day

Mike and Kate, thank you so much for our wedding video and photo! You are really cool and professional. We are very satisfied!

Amanda Fry


I love all of these photos! It was so fun to work with Mike and Kate during the photoshoot. I am amazed by how wonderful the photos look.

Emma & Jordan

Travel photography

Thank you so much! Beautiful photography!

It was very nice working with you guys!

Kate & Brett

Wedding Day

They are beautiful! I love all of them. You guys are amazing photographers.